Thursday, June 17, 2010


- Paul Krugman: The RMB and the WTO
- Econbrowser: Is Spain next?
- Paul Krugman: Fiscal Fantasies

- Free Exchange: Change is in the air
- Alea blog: OIS discounting
- Bank of Greece: Greek government bond market: May 2010: Volume down 93% yoy, 86% mom
- Simon Johnson: Krugman for OMB
- Bruce Krasting: What's Ben gonna do? [From commenter Ted K: "Milton Friedman said Doctors should be able to practice without licenses. But I guarantee you Friedman never had an unlicensed doctor touch a single hair (of the few he had) on his head."]

- Business Insider: Spain's debt maturity
- Brad DeLong: The greatest improvement in economics in my lifetime: JEP is now free online!
- NYT: A pendulum swing toward austerity: "Finally, effective political ideas are those that can still do good in half-baked form."
- BBC: The thriving market in human hair: last year UK imported £15M of human hair.
- James Surowiecki: Greater fools
- Nassim Taleb: "...advised [World] Bank economists to give up on regression analysis and take on jobs as taxi drivers."


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