Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Tyler Cowen có vẻ tự hào về việc tỷ lệ economists nắm trọng trách trong chính phủ Mỹ tăng dần theo thời gian. Cowen trích dẫn đoạn sau từ một quyển sách của Jim Lacey:

"Just fifty years before World War II there had been only one individual in the government with the title of economist, and that person was listed as an “economic ornithologist.” World War I saw a few trained economists brought to Washington in policy positions, but their influence remained constrained to providing advice on price administration and shipping. They had little impact on mobilization planning. It was the Great Depression that brought economists into Washington policy circles, first by the hundreds and then by the thousands. By the time World War II began, the federal government employed an estimated five thousand economists."

Nhưng so với VN thì Mỹ còn thua xa nhé :-)

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