Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daron Acemoglu

"Say you're a world leader and you want your country's economy to prosper. According to this Clark Medal winner from MIT, there's a simple solution: start with free elections."

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  1. So any country with free elections should quickly be on the road to affluence? Like India in the 1950s? If elections and liberal institutions are everything, why has China been doing so well since the 1970s (starting even before Deng's economic liberalisation and despite the chaos of the Cultural Revolution & its aftermath). And how much of the population has to have the vote to qualify? The UK's 2% in 1831 when the country led the world in development? If so will a Sahelian dust-bowl state be guaranteed prosperity by letting a similar proportion vote freely? Why oh why does this guy get an airing, let alone awards?

    - Dave


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