Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Argumentative species

Tôi là người gốc Quảng nam nên thỉnh thoảng vẫn được nhắc: "Quảng nam hay cãi...". Nhưng hóa ra "cãi lấy được" dường như là bản chất của con người:

"The study's authors, Joanne Wood and John Lee of the University of Waterloo and Elaine Perunovic of the University of New Brunswick, begin with a common-sense proposition: when people hear something they don't believe, they are not only often skeptical but adhere even more strongly to their original position. A great deal of psychological research has shown this, but you need look no further than any late-night bar debate you've had with friends: when someone asserts that Sarah Palin is brilliant, or that the Yankees are the best team in baseball, or that Michael Jackson was not a freak, others not only argue the opposing position, but do so with more conviction than they actually hold. We are an argumentative species." (Time.com)

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